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lil survey

Least Favorite Color: hm. puke green. lol.
Least Favorite Food: carrots.
Least Favorite Animal: do spiders, count?
Least Favorite Final Fantasy Character: barret (sp?)
Least Favorite Movie: i forget. that's how bad it was.
Least Favorite TV channel: espn. blah.
Least Favorite Scar: where should i begin..

Fav. Color(s): silver/green/black/red
Fav. Food: salad with creamy ranch dressing. mmm.
Fav. Animal: black panther/ baby seals
Fav. Final Fantasy Character: aerith/rinoa/garnet/yuna = cloud/irvine/zidane/wakka
Fav. Movie: the matrix/LoTR/dragon heart
Fav. TV channel: cartoon network
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