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Ahh, the Two! Soft, sweet, gentle, caring person. Twos warm the hearts of those of us who are blessed with their friendship. Their exquisitely sensitive emotional radar seems to detect the slightest need forming in the web of our relationship and they quickly respond to address that need. How wonderful it is to be so nurtured and appreciated.

Characteristically, Twos are kind, caring, gentle, sweet, warm, and happy. For the Two, relationship is the most important area of life. It is through relationship and bonding and connecting that potentials are nourished, needs are met, love is exchanged and cares are abated. They know and easily respond to the needs of others, often before the other person is consciously aware of having a need. By addressing that need, they build the connective infrastructure of relationship. Emotional life is paramount, and mental and cognitive functioning are less important, in the inner experience.

The Two's self-image and self -identity are closely linked to connection with others. Their exquisite radar for the wants and needs of others blinds them to their own wants and needs. Their generous nature with others seems to be withheld from themselves. Their attunement to emotional tone is often blocked when directed to their own emotional needs. It is not an easy thing for Twos to recognize their own needs - they truly believe that their denial of self-need is a generous, selfless act of kindness toward others. There is pride in feeling indispensable to the relationship, the institution, the world.

There is an underlying fear that as others see more deeply into Twos' repressed self , Twos will appear more unworthy, undeserving, or unlovable.
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