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Read this why don't you?

I am jealous. You hold that which I desired. Yes, desired. I've lost, so I step down. Good for you. I commend you. I'm done.


The dull hum of the computer fills my ears as I type here. I'm jealous. Jealous of you all. It is very rare for me to be jealous. I simply never cared enough to be as such, or for the most part I was generally happy for the smug bastards that smiled and held their girls, or proudly showed off their materialistic items, or perfects scores in their studies. But now.. I am fed up. No longer do you speak of your happiness, but you all shove it in my face. Perhaps knowingly or perhaps not. I don't care which one it is. You do it, and I'm tired of it all. I wish you all would just shut the fuck up and get away from me. I've heard enough of your greatness. Remember, I helped you get there, but do you remember this? Of course not. . .

Some of you derserve this happiness. I know you do, but I simply cannot stand the fact that you got it before me. I am only human. . . . .

But this time I step back. I will no longer aid you. Do it yourself, and burn. This time you can pick yourselves up, you ungrateful assholes.
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